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A day in the life of Vets 2 You

A day in the life of Vets 2 You

Published on by Donna Vann

It’s early morning. Vet Monika and nurse Angela at our Vets 2 You mobile service are busily planning out the route for the morning’s visits. At 9am, the phone is still ringing with new appointments…

The first call is to visit Sam, a rather handsome ginger cat, who’s having his annual booster. Sam was rescued and has special needs – no-one’s sure why, but it could be due to head trauma. He’s bright and well, but a little wobbly on his feet, so it’s much easier for his owners to have him seen at home, so he doesn’t suffer any unnecessary stress.

Then onto Ozzy. This poor cat has had sickness and diarrhoea. He’s comfortable lying on the window sill, and Monika is able to examine him without the need to even move him! We leave his owner with some feeding advice and medication. Hopefully, he’ll be better in four days or the team will need to return.

Poppy the Springer Spaniel is next. She’s staying with family while her owners are away on holiday, and the poor girl has an abscess. Poppy is very excited to meet us and wants a fuss from Monika, as she updates her records on the computer.

In the afternoon, we visit Mrs Derbyshire and her cat Felix. Mrs Derbyshire has some health issues that make it very difficult for her to leave her property. Vets 2 You deliver cat food, check Felix over and give him his booster.

On our travels between appointments, we make a couple of short stops to drop off food and repeat prescriptions. Mr Parker, who has mobility issues, is having dog food delivered for his two beautiful Bull Mastiffs, who greet with us with their paws over the top of the garden fence.

Milo the Labrador is due his booster. His owner just loves the convenience of having the vet call to see Milo at home and comments that she now has more ‘shopping time’ available for the day. Milo is relaxing in the garden – and that’s where he stays while he has his injection.

After a few more calls, it’s back to the branch surgery to upload all the information from the computer and re-stock for the next day.