Our Best Start packages are put together to give you a number of choices for managing your pet’s healthcare.

Just select the package you’d like to purchase from the options below – or give us a call to discuss your specific needs…

Best Start – Essential... Just £49!

Simple & Straightforward

Everything your little one needs for his or her first 3 months. Pay a one-off fee, then sit back and enjoy all the essential healthcare treatments and benefits of the Best Start – Essential package.

Available to new puppies, kittens and baby bunnies.

Essential - find out more...

  • Vaccination course (2 doses)
  • Health exam with the vet
  • Microchip & registration (cats/rabbits)
  • 3 months’ worm & flea treatment
  • 4 weeks’ insurance
  • Starter bag of food
  • ‘New pet’ care course
  • Kennel Cough Vaccination (dogs)

Only £49 (save up to £66)

Our Pet Health Club is the perfect follow-on after Best Start Essential, for more information click here.

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Best Start – Complete

Safe & Secure

Our Best Start – Complete package is another option for new puppies, kittens and baby bunnies. This is also a one-off payment, but gives you everything your pet will need for healthcare for his or her first 12 months. So you get the best treatment at the best price.

Complete - find out more...

  • Vaccination course (2 doses)
  • Health exam with the vet
  • Parvo vaccination at 18 weeks of age (dogs only)
  • Kennel Cough vaccination (dogs only)
  • Neutering
  • Microchip & registration (cats/rabbits)
  • 12 months’ worm & flea treatment
  • 4 weeks’ insurance
  • Starter bag of food
  • ‘New pet’ care course

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Dogs – male £225 

> Dogs - female £275 

> Cats – £160 

> Rabbits – £130 

Best Start – Adult

Happy & Healthy

Do you have a pet over 9 months old? Our Best Start – Adult package is perfect if you have re-homed an older pet or if you simply need to get your pet’s healthcare back on track. For a one-off payment, this package provides all the basics you need:

Available for dogs, cats and rabbits. 

Adult - find out more...

  • Vaccination course
  • Microchip
  • 3 months’ worm & flea treatment
  • 10% off neutering

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Only £70

Please call us on 01902 425262 to purchase this package

The Details:

  • The most appropriate worm and flea regime for puppies and kittens will be determined at the outset. It will be administered during vet or nurse consultations for the first 3 occasions. For 'Complete' and 'Healthy Pet Club' we will dispense subsequent product.
  • Rabbits will receive a 4-week course to cover worms and E cuniculi. This will be dispensed to administer at home.
  • Food will be 400g Royal Canin® Kitten, 1kg Royal Canin puppy or 2kg Supa Rabbit.
  • 4 weeks of Petplan® insurance will be offered. We accept no responsibility for the cost of illness or injury if cover is declined by you or Petplan.
  • No refund will be given for any items listed as part of package that are not taken.
  • The first vaccination and health examination will be carried out by a vet.
  • The second vaccination and follow-up appointments will all be with a Veterinary Nurse (if your pet is ill and needs to see a vet instead, this will incur a consultation fee).
  • Any appointments with the vet for unrelated treatment will incur standard charges.
  • The 3 initial appointments to be given within 3 months of the start. Neutering to be performed within 12 months.
  • Maximum age to start package is 6 months.
  • Minimum age for Best Start – Adult package is 9 months. No maximum age.
  • ‘New pet’ care course will consist of 3 consultations with a nurse, an information pack and a series of emails (if a valid email address is provided).
  • Any medications or preventative treatments given or requested at follow-up appointments (with vet or nurse) will incur additional cost (e.g. worming).
  • Non-standard neutering, such as intra-abdominal testes and additional medication if required, will be charged extra.
  • We may, at any time, revise these terms or substitute products of equal value. A copy of our current terms will be available on our website or, on request, from the office.
  • A voucher for one accident and emergency visit will be provided. This appointment is for a genuine emergency and for the named pet only. It is valid for 3 months from the date of the first vaccination. Drugs and any further treatment to be paid at the time. Let the vet know that the voucher will be used at the time of making the emergency appointment.